Quality healthcare is the foundation of healthy communities, and all of us at Northwell Health are committed to offering the best care to our patients across New York. The funds you raise will go directly to providing exceptional patient care, including our outreach to underserved populations across the region.

When you walk in the Northwell Health Walk at Jones Beach, you help fund care for women and children through the Katz Institute for Women’s Health and Cohen Children’s Medical Center

  • The Katz Institute isn't a single building you walk into, but rather a unique approach to women’s health. We see women’s health differently and care for women at every stage of life. With your help, we can continue to provide funding to our Innovation Grant Program which funds projects focused on research, education, and new programs and services in the area of women’s health.

  • At Cohen Children’s Medical Center, funds from the 2020 Walk will be used to enhance the lobby of the children’s hospital and install an interactive video wall. Children visiting the hospital can experience a lot of anxiety and fear. This wall would serve as a diversionary tool to keep these feelings at bay and make the clinical experience that much easier for children and their families.
  • Additionally, the funds from the 2020 Walk will be used to fund The Chairman’s Research Grant which gives the doctors at Cohen Children’s the opportunity to find promising new treatments for sick children.

Walking at our East End location raises funds for three critical priorities at Peconic Bay Medical Center: cardiac services, women’s wellness initiatives and the caregiver's center. 

  • Your fundraising will help us continue to grow services at the Kanas Regional Heart Center. Our cardiac program has provided life-saving medical procedures for critical heart conditions close to home. The Kanas Regional Heart Center has seen more than 1,000 patients and saved friends, neighbors and family members from having heart attacks. We could not have treated these patients without donor support.
  • Funds will also support our women’s wellness initiatives. The program at Peconic offers coordinated and convenient local access to screenings, procedures and imaging technology that are critical to preventing and managing disease. Peconic will also continue to grow their women's health service line by providing quality clinicians & services to the East End to improve the overall woman; mind, body & soul.
  • Your fundraising supports care to caregivers and stands with people in their most vulnerable moments. Our Caregivers Center—and its associated programs—is 100% funded by donors. Together, we guide our caregivers and give them the support and resources they need to deliver exceptional care to patients across our region. 

When you walk with us in Staten Island, you support the creation of Staten Island University Hospital’s new Florina Cancer Center.

  • Cancer rates on Staten Island are consistently higher than any other borough in New York City. Your fundraising will help us create a new all-inclusive facility that brings every diagnostic and treatment advantage possible to our oncology patients and their families, right here at home.
  • Within the Florina Cancer Center, a secluded pediatric oncology center will provide a space for kids to be treated like kids. Your fundraising will help create this pediatric oncology unit with a child friendly environment providing a new state-of-the-art outpatient infusion suite and chemotherapy treatment center for children with cancer and blood-related disorders.

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